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San Diego Chiropractor

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Dr. Spinato has successfully been treating Chiropractic patients for 38 years. He has helped thousands of patients like you in Carmel Valley, San Diego, who suffer from acute and chronic conditions.

Our goal is to assist you in enjoying a healthier and happier life by moving well, eating well and thinking well. We focus on finding and correcting the underlying cause(s) of your condition not just the symptoms. If Dr. Spinato can help you, he’ll tell you. If he can’t, he’ll refer you to someone who can.

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Carmel Mountain Road Chiropractor, in Carmel Valley, San Diego

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San Diego Integrative Spine Center
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San Diego Integrative Spine Center in Carmel Valley, San Diego - for your Chiropractic care

Causes of your pain can be from physical, chemical and mental/emotional stress. Let us help evaluate where your pain is coming from.


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