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Back to School Headaches?

Headaches are a health challenge that many adults struggle with in daily living. It is estimated that up to 46% of adults are presently suffering from a headaches.1 While many adults deal with the problem there is another group of people suffering from headaches that is on the rise. Approximately 4-10% of children have headaches; The American Migraine Foundation estimates 60% of children have an occasional headache.2

A recent study performed by Nationwide Children’s Hospital found an interesting trend amongst children and headaches. Children from the ages of 5-18 typically get the most headaches in the fall during the start of the new school year.3 This is attributed to many factors; excessive caffeine consumption, dehydration, skipping meals, lack of exercise poor sleep, and prolonged electronic device use. Couple these factors with a new schedule, academic stressors, and extracurricular activities it is not surprising.


Children of all ages need to be performing at their best when school starts not just mentally but physically as well. Headaches are difficult to manage and the most common treatment is over the counter drugs which have marginal effectiveness.


Headache specialist Dr Dan Spinato, has found great success using a natural approach to headaches. Dr Spinato is a specially trained chiropractor that focuses on the Atlas C1 bone known as Upper Cervical Chiropractic, with benefits for both adults and children. The Atlas bone house the brainstem which is where the brain connects to the rest of the entire body. When the Atlas bone becomes misaligned headaches often occur as a result. Studies have shown that children have improved from headaches while under Upper Cervical Chiropractic care, as well as other behavioral disorders.4 Children that do not suffer from headaches will surely perform better in all areas of school.


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