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Neck Pain and Gender Inequality

While times are rapidly changing, women still have to work just as hard if not harder in society. Scientific studies are starting to show that women are more likely to suffer from various health conditions than men.

A recent study shows that women are 1.38 times more likely to experience neck pain and spine problems.This evidence shows part of a pattern of increased prevalence of certain conditions in women. Women have migraines as much as 3 times more than men and are 3-6 times more likely to have multiple sclerosis.

Neck pain is often viewed as a relatively minor condition yet can be quite debilitating. The classic signs of neck pain include difficulty in turning the head and neck, and may include numbness and tingling in more severe cases. The causes of neck pain typically occur as a result of significant trauma or repetitive micro-traumas that are not properly addressed.

Whether you are a woman or a man, neck pain is not something you should cope with. As a neck pain specialist, it is all too common that many folks have tried just about everything before walking into my office. I am an upper cervical chiropractor which means that I focus on the first bone in the neck known as the atlas bone. The importance of the first bone in the neck is that the rest of the neck follows the first bone. After a trauma, the atlas is the most prone to become misaligned.

By performing a thorough examination and detailed x-rays, the precise degree of misalignment is located. Each individual then receives an adjustment that is unique to that person. Once the atlas bone is in its proper alignment the other bones in the neck will begin to return to the normal position.


1. National Pain report. Women Experience More Neck Pain than Men. (accessed 18 March 2016).

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