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Sciatica—A Persistent Problem During Pregnancy

pregnancy, sciatica, back pain, prenatal, pregnantSciatica is just one of the things that can make it tougher to enjoy pregnancy as much as you should. While it won’t be long before you trade your current situation for that of raising your new child, it is still a good idea to take action to limit pain during your pregnancy.

When a child is growing inside you, your organs have to shift to make room. One possible result of this is sciatica. The problem is that the sciatic nerve splits into two branches to go down each leg, but these nerve branches extend right under the uterus. As a result, pressure can be placed on either side of the nerve and cause pain. The pain can be felt in the hip, backside, leg or even foot, deepening on which side of the nerve is being encroached on.

What can you do to relieve sciatic pain during your pregnancy?

How to Control Sciatica During Pregnancy

  • Ice the pain to reduce swelling
  • Elevate the leg on the painful side
  • Avoid long periods of standing
  • Do not lift anything heavy
  • Lie on the opposite side when resting

How Upper Cervical Care Can Help

Proper spinal alignment is very important for pregnant women. A properly aligned spine can even make the birthing process easier when it comes time to deliver your baby. A twisted spine or misaligned hips can cause a difficult birth and additional pain. This makes it a good idea to see an upper cervical chiropractor during pregnancy, especially if you are suffering from sciatica.

If you are wondering if upper cervical chiropractic is safe for your unborn child, rest assured that there is no twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine such as is the case with general chiropractic. Upper cervical techniques are gentle, long-lasting, and help restore proper alignment to the entire spine.


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