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Coping with Shoulder Pain in San Diego, California

What type of shoulder pain are you experiencing? Is it a feeling of weakness or numbness? A tingling feeling that extends down the arm? A dull ache, or perhaps even a sharp shooting pain? Consider a few of the underlying causes of shoulder pain:


  • Problems with the shoulder itself

  • Labral injuries

  • Rotator Cuff injuries

  • Shoulder dislocations or separations


Nerve Damage Resulting in Shoulder Pain

When the shoulder itself is the source of the problem, it may be that the nerves are being irritated by a neck misalignment. The nerves in the shoulder extend all the way down to the hand, so any numbness, tingling, or pain in the hand, arm, or shoulder may go back to this one underlying issue.

This calls for a visit to an upper cervical chiropractic. We specifically focus on finding and caring for upper cervical misalignments that may result in shoulder nerve irritation. The process begins with x-rays that will reveal if a misalignment exists. Then a gentle program of adjustments can be tailored to meet the patient’s specific needs.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Shoulder Pain

Many patients find that shoulder problems are improved following the first adjustment. Even if this is not the case, one of the advantages of upper cervical care is that adjustments hold for a longer amount of time than general chiropractic. This gives the body more time to heal from the nerve irritation the misalignment was causing. As a result, the pain may also resolve over a period of time.

All of this is done without the popping, twisting, or cracking involved in general chiropractic. The gentle adjustments offer patients with should pain a natural means of seeking relief. Patients who have a history of head or neck trauma are more likely to have such a misalignment and to reap the benefits of an adjustment.

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