Migraines are no joke for anyone, but the “suicide headache” is the worst of all. They earned the nickname of suicide headache because patients want to be rid of the excruciating pain so badly. Recently March 21st, 2016 was Cluster Headache Awareness Day.

The More You Know

You may commonly know of it as a cluster migraine, or wish you never knew about it if you have them. It is the worst of all migraines, coming in episodes as short as 15 minutes and lasting up to 3 hours. Attacks may happen sparingly or up to 10 times per day only to disappear for weeks and then come back again with the same intensity. It affects one side of the head with a severe, stabbing type of pain that comes in clusters.

These types of migraines are easily diagnosed, but due to the severity of the condition, they are not so easily treated. A common treatment is breathing pure oxygen because of the known abnormalities in blood flow to the head and neck with migraines. The standard procedure involves powerful drugs aimed to minimize the pain during the episodes. Many patients struggle from the extremes of the pain and the dismal treatment options, leaving a desire for something more holistic.

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Taking the Problem Head-on

As a migraine specialist, I see many people coming to me who are defeated from the agony of the condition. I am an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, and I offer something very different in addition to hope for the challenging condition. By focusing on the first bone in the spine known as the atlas bone, we are able to help patients get natural relief. This is because of the relationship of the spine to the brain, nervous system, and blood flow.

When the atlas is misaligned (typically as a result of trauma), it affects the brain, nerves, and blood vessels even if just slightly. If this is left untreated for a long enough period of time, migraines can be the result. Clinical studies have shown that patients under upper cervical chiropractic care have experienced relief in as little as one adjustment and even complete resolution. When the proper blood flow is restored to the brain and nervous system, the body is able to resolve the condition on its own over time.

If you are struggling with severe migraine pain, let us show you how we can help.


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