After Your Concussion or Whiplash

Did you recently fall, or were you recently inured in a car accident or sports related accident? Now, maybe you're thinking that you weren't injured and your back or your neck feel fine. It may be tempting to think icing your back will take care of any pain that resulted from that fall or accident. The truth is there are various back and neck problems that may not occur for weeks, months, or even years after your injury.

You may have suffered whiplash or a concussion, and those injuries could lead to more painful, prolonged injuries if left uncared for.

Common Back and Neck Injuries

  • Fibromyalgia – Common symptoms include widespread pain, insomnia or chronic fatigue syndrome, and irritability or other mood changes
  • Migraines – These are a mysterious type of headache that occur in a central location, last anywhere from a four to 72 hours, and have a type of nature of their own
  • Spondylolisthesis – This injury is found most often at the base of your spine and occurs because of the slipping of your vertebrae, due to a fracture or defect in the wing shaped parts of your vertebrae, over a bone below
  • Cervical Radiculopathy - This occurs when a person's nerve function is damaged or disturbed due to the compression of one of the nerve roots near the cervical vertebrae (top seven vertebrae in a person's spine)

Upper Cervical and Your Hidden Pain

So, is that it? Are there any others? Yes, there are, and we'll explore those other long-term injuries that may follow that whiplash or concussion in next week's blog. The truth is that you don't want to leave any blow to your head unchecked.

So, it's important that you receive the proper care, which means allowing an upper cervical chiropractor to examine your upper neck vertebrae. They will make any necessary adjustments so as to correct any underlying issues that may lead to further back or neck problems. A misalignment of only ½ millimeter in your neck can lead to many serious problems.


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