Migraine headaches are a problem that is all too familiar for adults, as many as 46% of adults globally suffers from the condition.1 There is an alarming trend in which children are starting to also have migraines. The American Migraine Foundation estimates 60% of children have an occasional headache and approximately 4-10% of children have headaches consistently.2 The largest concern is that 8%-23% of children over the age of 11 have migraines.

Treatment options are limited for all patients with migraines. Depending on the healthcare provider the treatment may vary from dietary changes and meditation to heavy grade medications or even surgery. There is limited efficacy between treatments as each person with migraines is unique and responds differently. This is especially challenging in children during developmental periods where hormones levels fluctuate and growth spurts.

Recently the FDA has approved a new drug for children with migraines. The drug Sumatriptan comes in a doseage approved for children. The dosage is merely a scaled version of the quantity approved for adults. The drug is designed to improve the blood flow to the brain and the layer of tissue that protects the brain and spinal cord known as the Dura Mater. The drug has been shown to be slightly more effective than a placebo in clinical trials and also comes with risk of: heart attack, stroke, clotting, as well as ulceration and bleeding of stomach and intestinal tissues.3

Many patients are now seeking natural treatment for migraine headaches. Dr Dan Spinato, a migraine specialist in San Diego, California is helping patients get natural relief from migraines. Dr Dan is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor who specializes in the the top bone in the neck, aka the Atlas bone (C1 vertebra), and how it relates to headaches. It has been shown that when the moves from its normal alignment it puts stress into the Dura Mater and affects normal blood flow to the brain.4 Often this turns into migraines after a long enough period of time. By correcting the misalignment of the Atlas through a precise adjustment migraines have been shown to be reduced in children and improve overall development and health.5



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