Meniere’s Disease is a debilitating condition that affects balance, hearing and vision similar to being seasick. According to Dr Lewis Romett 200 people for every 100,000 are affected by the disease usually starting at the age of 40 years old.1 The affected system of the body is the Vestibular system (part of the Central Nervous System) and the inner ear. There is no known cause but some evidence suggests that it may be caused by an injury to the head or neck.

Meniere’s Disease is a difficult disease to properly diagnose and treat due to the overlap of symptoms such as migraine headaches and vertigo, which makes it a challenge for doctors everywhere. The treatment options are quite limited as there is no FDA approved drug for Meniere’s and many of the other options are not reproducible from one person to the next. The latest link to the disease is inflammation that takes place in the fluid of the inner ear which is responsible for balance and coordination. 

Meniere’s Disease Treatment Options

An experimental drug is being tested, a steroid that is injected into the ear itself in hopes of reducing and removing inflammation. Some positive outcomes have been achieved but only lasting weeks at best, not correcting the cause long term. Here in San Diego, CA most people want a natural treatment for Menieres Disease that is noninvasive, Dr Dan Spinato is helping those people regain their health and lives.

Dr Spinato is one of few doctors that practice an advanced method, Upper Cervical Chiropractic. This procedure focuses on the proper alignment of the first bone in the neck known as the Atlas (C1 vertebra) for proper nervous system function. The muscles that attach to the Atlas can affect the ears ability to proper drain the fluid that establishes balance, when the atlas is misaligned.2 By precisely correcting the Atlas to its proper and normal position, it has been proven to help Meniere’s Disease patients naturally with Upper Cervical Chiropractic.3

If you are suffering from Meniere’s Disease in San Diego consult Dr Spinato for a consultation and his expert opinion.

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