Quick Migraine Relief is Possible with Advanced Procedure

Quick Migraine Relief

When you suffer from the extreme pain and other effects caused by migraine headaches, you long for quick relief. Unfortunately, most treatments provided by conventional medicine are slow to mitigate symptoms or fail to do so all together. There is an alternative, however, and that is upper cervical chiropractic care. Read on to learn how upper cervical chiropractic care can provide quick migraine relief.

The fact is that many people never have a migraine until they suffer some form of head or neck trauma. Then, suddenly, they start to suffer from these debilitating neurological experiences. This is due to the fact that a serious head or neck trauma can throw the top two vertebrae in your neck out of alignment. When a bone is out of alignment, it can pinch nerves and wreak all sorts of havoc on the body. Imagine what it can do when that bone is positioned at the brain stem like the C1 and C2 vertebrae are.

Car accidents, sports injuries, and even injuries caused at birth can be the source of a C1 or C2 misalignment. Upper cervical chiropractic can fix this misalignment and provide quick relief for injury related migraines. Even if the injury isn't the cause of the migraine, upper cervical chiropractic can help your central nervous system to operate at a better capacity, so that your body can work to heal itself to the best of its ability. Upper cervical chiropractic may even be a permanent solution to your migraine problem.

Research with upright MRIs has shown that when a misalignment occurs in the upper neck. Blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow is changed, which can result in migraine headaches. Correcting this upper neck misalignments has been shown to change the flow of fluid to, from and through the brain, resulting in improved brain health and reduced or eliminated migraine symptoms.

What to Do Next

If you are interested in seeing if your migraines are a result of a misalignment in your upper neck. Find an upper cervical chiropractor in your area.

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NUCCA Chiropractic Care

What is NUCCA
The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) is an organization of Doctors of Chiropractic dedicated to patient care, education and research.

Spinal health care using the NUCCA procedures focuses on detecting and correcting a small misalignment in the upper neck area. Gentle, non-invasive adjustments don’t require any turning, twisting or popping.

Your upper cervical spine (neck) area influences all areas of your body. Injury or chronic misalignments can cause headaches, migraines, neck pain, low back pain, weakness and more.

The NUCCA technique is currently offered by less than 1% of all the Doctors of Chiropractic.

Before the NUCCA procedure can be performed, I will sit down with you and discuss your history and symptoms. If I determine that NUCCA can help, a thorough examination and x-rays will be done. A complete report of your findings and treatment options will be discussed. 

First adjustment
Precision x-rays are taken of the spine before any treatment begins. The adjustment is performed with the patient lying on their side and the doctor applying a very light pressure behind the earlobe. A full demonstration can be seen on the video above.

The NUCCA procedure can be summed up with 5 major distinctions as compared to traditional Chiropractic:

  • Gentle adjustment to the neck with no turning, twisting or popping.
  • Precision x-rays to measure before and after corrections.
  • Total body posture and balance improvement
  • Greater stability to the spine
  • Hold adjustments longer with fewer visits

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