How to Treat Neck Pain Naturally

There is no denying neck pain. It makes even the simplest of tasks difficult from moving your head to backing the car out of the driveway, or even breathing. According to the National Centers for Health Statistics, 15% of Americans experience neck pain at some point. Some people even suffer from chronic neck pain which has been going on for several years.

Neck pain is so common, and we have all had it at some point, so there has to be a quick fix for it right? Unfortunately, there isn’t. The neck is a very complicated region of the body composed of muscles, bones, nerves, arteries/veins, and much more, so it must be treated carefully. Conventional treatments include physical therapy, massage, and pain medications; but most people are looking for natural options in this day and age.

Natural remedies are growing in popularity, and many people swear by them. Here is a short list of a few options that can be done right at home to alleviate some of that pain.

  • Arnica: This flower is a natural pain reliever and can be bought in oil and cream form.
  • Ginger: Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can be consumed as the root, juice, or extract.
  • Menthol and Camphor: You can apply these directly to the area in pain, and it can increase the circulation to the area which helps in reducing pain and swelling.
  • Lavender: Lavender has been used for centuries for its medicinal qualities and helps in pain reduction.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and chronic neck pain download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below:


These natural approaches to treating neck pain may help the effects, but it will not correct the underlying cause. Neck Pain specialist Dr. Dan Spinato helps provide relief to patients by finding the root problem. Dr. Spinato is an upper cervical chiropractor specializing in the spine and nervous system by focusing on the atlas vertebra. This bone is at the top of the neck and under the skull and is crucial to maintaining the health of the neck. When the Atlas becomes misaligned from its normal position it affects the entire spine, causes muscles to become tighter, and pain is a result.

By using an exacting technique and process of correcting the atlas bone, Dr. Spinato is able to correct the root cause of neck pain and get people back to enjoying life.

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Popular Natural Migraine Treatments

Migraines are a condition that is characterized by pulsing and throbbing in the head. It is estimated that 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. As many as 18 million Americans have chronic migraines, which would be 5 or more migraines monthly. Migraines may last for only a few hours or several days, and many people accept this as part of daily living.

Migraines are a challenging condition to treat as they are as unique as the individual who has them. This makes it very hard for patients and doctors alike. The market for drug treatments is constantly expanding. In this day and age, many people are no longer looking for a pill to cover up the symptoms and want a natural solution for migraines.


Recently an unconventional, somewhat controversial treatment has shown promising results. Medicinal Marijuana (MMJ) is now legal in several states and used for many patients with debilitating neurological disorders including migraines. 100% of patients reported a reduction in pain with the use of medicinal marijuana. The reason MMJ works so well is because it affects the pain centers in the brain. Imagine pain being perceived by the brain as a very loud noise. MMJ turns down the volume by reducing the amount of stimulation to the pain centers. While MMJ is effective, it begs the question: Is there another way to get the brain to function properly and manage pain?

In Rancho Penasquitos, California many people with migraines are getting results using a different method. Migraine specialist Dr. Dan Spinato helps migraine sufferers get natural migraine relief. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr. Spinato specializes in the Atlas bone (C1 vertebra) and the coordination between the brain and nervous system as it relates to migraines. When the Atlas bone moves from its natural position, it has consequences that may result in migraines. By analyzing and correcting the Atlas misalignment using a gentle and precise Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustment, migraines are often reduced as the brain and nervous system return to normal function. In clinical studies of migraine patients, it has been shown that 1-2 upper cervical Chiropractic Adjustments not only improve migraine condition but may even lead to a complete resolution.1



  1. Elster EL. Upper cervical chiropractic care for a patient with chronic migraine headaches with an appendix summarizing an additional 100 headache cases. J Vert Sublux Res 2003;AUG(3):1-10


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Natural Vertigo Treatment

Is Your Vertigo All in Your Neck?

Medical doctors will use over 50 different medications in an attempt to control dizziness or vertigo. But many people are unaware of a common cause of dizziness or vertigo that can be addressed naturally without drugs.

Dr. Michael Burcon in Michigan has done excellent work in researching the connection between the upper neck and conditions like vertigo, Meniere's Disease, tinnitus and others.
Burcon has established a link to these conditions with whiplash injuries that misalign the base of the skull with the top of the neck creating a lesion affecting the Eustachian tube. About half of these traumas are caused by car crashes and the other half from injuries involving head trauma. Burcon believes that the correlation was not made because it takes an average of fifteen years from the time the patient was injured until the onset of symptoms.

Patients typically get diagnosed with these conditions in middle age. Their injuries most often happened during high school or college years from a car accident, sports injury or fall on their heads. Few patients list these old injuries on their doctor’s admission paper work. In fact, they have often forgotten about them, believing they were not hurt if they were not admitted to the hospital.

In Dr. Burcon’s he saw over 90% improvement in patients diagnosed with vertigo following upper cervical chiropractic.

Whiplash and Vertigo

Following a whiplash injury, such as those common during a motor vehicle accident, as much as 25 to 50% of people will experience dizziness or vertigo. Many times this dizziness will subside after a few days, but other times it will linger for weeks, months or even years.

Whiplash clinically is similar to post concussion syndrome, but with the addition of neck complaints.  Long term studies show that aches and pains may persist in 20 to 45% of patients with significant whiplash.

When the cause is addressed with an upper cervical chiropractic technique such as Upper Cervical, will, amazing recovery can take place. But the cause has to be identified and addressed.
Have you been diagnosed with vertigo or other related conditions?

Are you looking for a drug free vertigo treatment?

Have you ever had your upper neck thoroughly evaluated to see if the underlying cause could be there?

Today could be your day.


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NUCCA Chiropractic Care

What is NUCCA
The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) is an organization of Doctors of Chiropractic dedicated to patient care, education and research.

Spinal health care using the NUCCA procedures focuses on detecting and correcting a small misalignment in the upper neck area. Gentle, non-invasive adjustments don’t require any turning, twisting or popping.

Your upper cervical spine (neck) area influences all areas of your body. Injury or chronic misalignments can cause headaches, migraines, neck pain, low back pain, weakness and more.

The NUCCA technique is currently offered by less than 1% of all the Doctors of Chiropractic.

Before the NUCCA procedure can be performed, I will sit down with you and discuss your history and symptoms. If I determine that NUCCA can help, a thorough examination and x-rays will be done. A complete report of your findings and treatment options will be discussed. 

First adjustment
Precision x-rays are taken of the spine before any treatment begins. The adjustment is performed with the patient lying on their side and the doctor applying a very light pressure behind the earlobe. A full demonstration can be seen on the video above.

The NUCCA procedure can be summed up with 5 major distinctions as compared to traditional Chiropractic:

  • Gentle adjustment to the neck with no turning, twisting or popping.
  • Precision x-rays to measure before and after corrections.
  • Total body posture and balance improvement
  • Greater stability to the spine
  • Hold adjustments longer with fewer visits

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