tmjTemporomandibular Joint Disorder is sometimes referred to as TMJ syndrome, a number of conditions that cause headaches, jaw pain, clicking sound when the mouth opens or closes, neck pain, facial pain, and other non-specific pain patterns. Temporomandibular joint disorder is commonly diagnosed and treated by a dentist. In our office we have joined efforts with other dentists to integrate key components to the correction of the condition.

How Our Treatment Can Help
One of the foundations of a correct TMJ alignment is the proper overall alignment of the body. We evaluate and treat patients for proper alignment using a specific technique in chiropractic called NUCCA. NUCCA adjustment will help by correcting the misalignment of the upper cervical spine caused by trauma and remove the irritation of the affected nerves. After the nerve irritation has been removed, proper communication is restored between the brain and spinal cord, and surrounding nerves. It has been our clinical experience that nutritional and mental/ emotional factors can be major contributors to this condition. We offer help in these areas as well. At San Diego Integrative Spine Center, we are here to help with your pain. If indicated we want to be part of the solution. Healthcare today needs to have a more integrative approach with doctors coming together to serve their patients.