sportsAre you ready to improve your ability to perform at the sports you love? Have you reached a plateau in your training regimen and are looking for ways to take your game to the next level? Are you recovering from a sports injury and working your way back to top performance. How about just wanting to improve your golf or tennis game and need guidance from a Doctor who specializes in improving your abilities for your sport?

If you fit any of these descriptions, Dr. Spinato has put together a proven and measurable program to help you achieve your performance goals. Improving your ability, no matter your current condition, begins with an understanding of the elements that are necessary to achieving top performance. When you add Dr. Spinato to your team you will go through a comprehensive analysis that combines physical, nutritional, and emotional (stress) exams that identify the weaknesses in your sports conditioning, and help you improve in the following areas:

By improving balance you are able to perform at your highest physical levels. Professional athletes know that proper balance prevents injury, enhances ability, and improves performance.

It is not enough to be strong, but to be balanced across the body in all aspects of strength. Through careful diagnostics Dr. Spinato will identify your weak areas, and provide guidance in improving the overall strength of your body.

More than half of all sports injuries occur due to poor flexibility. Through rigorous examination, and proper structural correction, your flexibility will improve and help prevent injuries on the playing field.

Endurance improves when all aspects of your condition are supported through holistic treatment. Emotional (stress) conditions can dramatically impact your endurance.

It is great to have a good day on the field performing at the highest levels. But what about the next day? Will you recover? How do you go about recovering day after day from the strains of competition. Dr. Spinato can help you identify a proper recovery plan to keep you going with your program and activities.

Vick Murphy Shares His Experience with Dr. Spinato


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